Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sliced Figs on Buttered Whole-Wheat Toast topped with Toasted Almonds and drizzled with Raw Honey

As you can tell TCV is kinda obsessed with good food. It starts early in the morning. I'm not yet fully conscious until the loud buzz from my coffee grinder jolts me from my slumber. Then my brain kicks into gear, scanning the kitchen for something that might be considered breakfast. Yesterday TCV came across fresh figs at the Easy Way produce store on Mt. Moriah. I spotted them in my kitchen this morning sitting on a cutting board, washed and ready. I'm guessing that his is the wife's idea of a request. Made with ripe figs and served with a piping hot cup of coffee, this toast is the perfect breakfast.
Speaking of figs, my brother and his wife have a neighbor that has one of the largest fig trees I have ever seen in my whole life. Luckily the branches of that tree hang over into their yard. So, I climbed up on top of the brick wall that separates the properties and had me a fig feast. I ate every ripe fig within arms reach. I ate them right off the tree. I think I'll make my way over there again tonight and do the same.

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Michael Hughes said...


Kristi has a gargantuan fig tree in her yard. Monday we trimmed it back & harvested every ripe one within reach. I have a giant bag full if you want some. I'm planning on making fig jam & of course the classic figs & prosciutto.