Thursday, July 31, 2008

Egg & Tomato Tower with Yogurt-Cheese & Scallions

Breakfast at TCV's house is usually some combo of three ingredients: tomato, egg, & cheese. This egg sandwich looks fancy and requires the use of a fork, but it tastes the same as slapping a fried egg, tomato, and cheese between a couple of slices of bread. However, if you are having some folks over for brunch this would be a nice thing to set in front of them at your table. All you do is use a cup (like a cookie cutter) to cut out bread rounds.  Then do the same thing with cooked (like an omelette) eggs. Grill the bread rounds in a pan with some butter. Find a tomato that is about the same size as your cut-outs, and slice it up. Get to stackin'. Keep it warm in a low oven. the tomato will keep it from drying out. Top with cheese and scallions. Admire the thing of beauty you just made. Eat it.


Bianca said...

Seriously. This was your breakfast? On a Thursday? You are so fancy!

The Chubby Vegetarian said...

yep. i don't mess around.