Saturday, July 26, 2008

Macerated Tomatoes, Mint, & Lemon Verbena on French Toast with a dollop of Sweetened Yogurt and drizzled with Tomato Syrup

TCV is not really suggesting that you make this dish. It was weird, but good. I was inspired by some sweet corn ice cream that our friend Wendy left for us in our freezer. She housesat for us while we were gone, and we could not be more grateful for that. The ice cream got me thinking about other normally savory things that could make the transition to sweet. Tomatoes! I know you are thinking that TCV does not need to work more tomatoes into the diet, and you are probably right. However, I could not resist trying this once I got the idea. The brain goes through a series of checks as you are eating this dish: 
1. Is this a tomato? Yup. 
2. ...but it is sweet? Yup 
3. Is it good? I dunno. 
4. Do you like it? Yup. 
But, I'd eat a shoe if it were stuffed with tomatoes.

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