Monday, July 28, 2008

Herb Rolls

Kelly & Michael invited the wife & I over to their house last night for dinner and to watch the season premiere of "Mad Men." We were asked to bring bread, so TCV grabbed some herbs from the garden and whipped up a quick batch of mini rounds to bring to dinner. We get there and say our hellos, then in walks Sherry and Mark. Sherry is Cucina bakery, and she makes some of the most beautiful & delicious breads in town. (Go see her at the farmer's market.) Suddenly,  I want to take my bread and hide it in the garbage can. She was very kind to this novice baker, and had nothing but nice things to say about the bread. 
Sherry brought a wonderful pear, walnut, & goat cheese salad, while our hosts provided a cheese spread so lavish it made me blush, and a vegetarian pasta in red sauce with a toasted bread crumb topping that was delicious. TCV thanks you kindly for your hospitality.

TCV featured Cucina bread in this post right HERE.

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Michael Hughes said...

Those herb rolls were FIERCELY delicious!