Thursday, July 31, 2008

Japanese Eggplant Parmesan over Wilted Spinach with warm Heirloom Tomatoes in a Shallot & Rose´ Wine sauce

The cute little eggplants and the flavorful heirloom tomatoes are from Whitton Farms. I was immediately inspired when I spotted the Japanese eggplants at Keith & Jill's booth at the Wednesday farmer's market. Usually this type of eggplant is stir-fried in sesame oil or peanut sauce, which is delicious, but TCV wanted to try something different. They are perfect for eggplant parm because they are sweeter than their larger brothers, and they have a less mealy texture.  The texture, when cooked, is smooth and creamy. I sliced them lengthwise, dredged the cut side in flour, then egg, then coated the cut side in a mixture of parmesan cheese and flour. I left the skin side exposed. Then I put them cheese side down on my indoor griddle, and drizzled them with olive oil. Once the cheese has browned you can turn them over and cook them for another few minutes. Then transfer to a sheet pan and keep them warm in the oven until you are ready to serve them.


Bianca said...

I've never tried those eggplants, but I'ma have to. I actually have to miss the market this weekend (sigh) because I'm going to visit the boyfriend in Clarksville. But I hear they have a market, so I'ma explore that instead. Who knows what wonders I might find?

Michael Hughes said...

So, what wine made the sacrifice for the sauce???

Anonymous said...

menage a trois rose. we're cooking with rose now since we are fresh out of cheap white!

- amy