Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dragon Fruit, Pear, & Coconut-Milk Ice Cream with Honey-Lime Syrup (V)

I guess this is how it is supposed to work. I blog about the food I make in my kitchen and secretly hope that some one will be inspired enough by what I create to try it in their own kitchen. I also secretly hope that they take my recipes as inspiration rather than as gospel truth. I hope that they will find a way to make what I made better (or at least slightly different) than I did. I believe that flexibility is the key to kitchen happiness, and finding interesting substitutions is the path to culinary creativity.

That said, I made dragon fruit ice cream that I first spotted on Paul Knipple's blog Squirrel Squad Squeaks. Paul got the idea from a blog called Mike's Table who in turn attributes the original recipe to a blog called Coconut & Lime. Are you able to keep up here? Everybody is making it, but everybody is adding their own little twist.

For my take on this cool dessert TCV added a pear to the mix and drizzled a honey-lime syrup over the top for an extra layer of tangy sweetness.

For the pear, dragon fruit, coconut-milk ice cream:

1 pear (peeled and cored)
1 dragon fruit (cut in half, flesh scooped out, skins saved)
3 tablespoons agave syrup
juice from 1/2 lime
1 cup coconut milk (I used light CM 'cause I'm a calorie wuss)

For the Syrup:
Equal parts lime and honey go into a tupperware. Shake.
Everything goes into a food processor, and is blended until just smooth. Do not over blend, because you don't want to crush all of those tiny black seeds that are in the dragon fruit. Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker, and turn it on. Read a magazine, walk the dogs, call your mother, do anything to distract yourself for about thirty minutes while this delicious dessert is freezing up. Then scoop the ice cream into the reserved dragon fruit skins and top with the honey-lime syrup. The presentation alone makes this dessert well worth the effort.

Dear reader, please let TCV know if you have made one of my recipes. That would thrill me to pieces.


The Chubby Vegetarian said...

I put that little (V) up there even though there is some debate among vegans about the veganness of honey. Agave syrup would be a fine sub for the honey.

VeganCowGirl said...

Justin - brilliant photo. The recipe is great too! I have been putting off buying an icecream maker, but I just can't hold off anymore. Love the header!

Bianca said...

I just may have to do that! I'd use agave. But damn, this looks good.

BTW, the chili powdering turned out beautifully.

Oh, and that secret hope about someone making something you made will come true for you tomorrow! I was already planning on making those lemony roasted taters for dinner. I won't be blogging them until next week though cause I'm posting the cupcake tomorrow and then going out of town.

Chip said...

I don't know that we've made any of your recipes, but I have copped some of your food photography ideas! Does that count?