Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mushroom Carbonara

Note: This one is good, but here's my brand-new carbonara recipe -- I think it's even better:

Mushroom Carbonara:

2 cups of portobello mushrooms (finely chopped)
1 cup oyster mushrooms (finely chopped)
4 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 shallot (minced)
2 strips of Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon (finely chopped)
1/2 cup white wine
2 eggs
1 cup of milk 

1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of butter
8 ounces uncooked capellini or thin spaghetti
salt & pepper (to taste)
parmesan cheese (to taste)
fresh chopped flat-leaf parsley

Set eggs and milk out on the counter to bring to room temperature. This should take about an hour. To begin, the olive & sesame oil, plus the mushrooms go into a medium pan to cook until they shrink in size and begin to brown. Add the garlic, shallot, butter, and veggie bacon. Cook over medium for a few more minutes while making sure the garlic does not burn. Do this by keeping the mixture moving in the pan. Deglaze the pan with the white wine and reduce. Add salt & pepper to the mixture and taste. Adjust the seasoning and remove from the heat. Cook pasta according to the package instructions. As your pasta is boiling, mix eggs & milk together. When the pasta is ready, remove from the water with tongs and put it straight on top of your mushroom mixture. Toss mushroom mixture and the cooked pasta together, and then pour the eggs & milk directly on top of the pasta. You want to work fast here because the heat from the pasta is what will cook the eggs and get them to set. Toss the pasta in the pan until you notice that the eggs have set. You will know it when you see it. Grab a serving with your tongs, twirl it onto a plate, garnish with parsley & cheese, and then eat.

Next time you feel like doing breakfast-for-dinner, do it right...on top of spaghetti. All of the elements of a good breakfast are here: bacon (veggie of corse), eggs, milk, & cheese. What more could you ask for? This is comfort food at its best, and it is made from things that you probably have in your fridge. The classic carbonara is made with heavy-cream and cured pig's cheek. (I kid you not.) TCV's version will save you a few calories, but it is still bursting with good, hearty flavor. I challenge my vegan buddies out there to come up with a vegan version of this. I bet someone out there could make a great vegan carbonara with soft tofu and tempeh. Let TCV know if you come up with anything, and I'll link you up.


Michael Hughes said...

Mmmm...cured pig's cheek. Delish! Its called "guanciale"

Shouldn't you call veggie bacon "facon"?

thedalyn said...

I don't even like mushrooms, but your food is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This sounds fab! Let me know when the vegan chef are successful. In the meantime I'll be salivating...

Marie Doerner said...

Flavor is great, but I think next time I will add another egg and cut the milk in half. Didnt have parsley so I went for fresh basil which seemed to work well. Will have to try the sundried tomato one next time!

Unknown said...

What a great easy meal for busy or lazy days! Every dish is better with bacon!