Monday, August 11, 2008

Constructive Summer

Last night The Wife & I sat, drinks in hand, in our garden. The sun sank behind the oak trees as we bid farewell to the fleeting summer. Our two Boston Terriers wrestled in the yard, and we made a list of our 100 reasons to be thankful for this time of year. I won't bore you, dear reader, with all 100, but many of the reasons we love the summer have to do with the availability of fresh, local fruits & vegetables, and our ability to forge these things into delicious dishes. As the last rays of light leached out of the sky, I cut herbs from the garden to use for dinner. Pasta was boiled, spinach washed, tomatoes and herbs chopped, thanks was given, prayers offered, and our last summer meal was eaten. We could not be sad. This summer was full. We just let this be our annual reminder that we could all be something bigger.


Michael Hughes said...

I guess we all forget to be thankful for what we have & more importantly how much better we can be as humans. Its nice that you took the time to really dwell on that.

I don't know if summer is gone yet, it is quite warm today.

The Chubby Vegetarian said...

Summer (the feeling not the season) is over for us when The Wife heads back to work.

Anonymous said...

I only wish we could bid farewell to summer. We have had over 45 days of 100 degrees or hotter here in Texas. By the way, I saw your site on vegandad's blog. Hope you and your family have a lovely day.


Lisa said...

Yeah, I was going to say something about "bidding farewell" to summer in Memphis when it's still August.

But I won't.

(I'm a native Memphian transpanted to the cool and wet Pacific NW. I could use some heat, actually.)

Bianca said...

Hey...hold on there! Summer is not over yet. The fall equinox doesn't hit until Sept. 22. Don't rush it off!