Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farmer Mixer Tonight at The Brooks

If you don't have tickets to The Farmer Mixer yet, you can still come. Just buy your tickets at the door. Chef Andrew Adams and I have been hard at work preparing some delicious vegetarian food for you. There will be drinks like my Whiskey Horchata and live music from Bryan Hartley Industries. We also have some crafts like vegetable-print tote bags. You can also interact with real live farmers. It's endless fun until 8pm. I hope to see you all!


Bianca said...

Awesome! I can't be there because I have a date with FBI special agent Dale Cooper (it's Twin Peaks night at Shara's). But so glad you're getting the veg food out to the locavore crowd. They need it!

Hillary Butler said...

Had so much fun at the mixer!! The coconut bacon was truly astounding. As a recently-turned vegetarian, I'm excited to read your blog! Thanks for sponsoring!!!!!!