Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food & Wine Magazine on Memphis

Memphis makes a big showing in the new issue of Food & Wine magazine. Ben Vaughn's phenomenal Restaurant Grace is featured (along with my pictures!) in a story about restaurants with a very personal point of view. Writer Julia Reed describes the food as "a soothing and inviting blend of French county and Memphis modern...if only the French were lucky enough to mess around with black-eyed peas and soft-shell crabs." Chef Ben Vaughn also has a great three-cheese mac and cheese recipe in the issue. Read the whole story, "When Restaurants Get Personal" on Food & Wine's website by clicking HERE.

There is also a short interview with Jill Forrester of Whitton Farms and The Trolley Stop Market. The writer suggests trying the Trolley Stop's pizza. I second that. The pizza chef, Jeremy, is doing things so right over at the TSM. The pie being thrown there is a shining example of what pizza can and should be.

We love to see Memphis food and the people who make it highlighted nationally!


Michael Hughes said...

It was so exciting to pull my issue out of the mailbox, open it up & see your photos. They are beautiful. How cool that Jill & Keith got a plug too! They are so hardworking & so incredibly nice. They deserve the press & business. Shining a spotlight on a couple places in Memphis can only benefit the greater food/wine scene in general. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Bianca said...

Congrats on getting your pictures published in Food & Wine. That's awesome.

I went to the Trolley Stop last night for my first vegan night experience. They had an eggplant biryani that was so tasty. I'm going to try to go to vegan night every week and get more people out there so it will live forever! And maybe they'll eventually add more vegan stuff to the regular menu.

Stacey Greenberg said...

Go you!