Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Potato Fries

We went to see the world premiere of $5 cover. It was awesome. BTW I shot the picture that is the poster. Sweet potato fries made from Whitton Farms sweet potatoes are the perfect post-movie snack.
-Peel 'em
-Cut 'em
-Parboil 'em
-Sprinkle 'em with flour
-Drizzle 'em with olive oil
-Stick 'em in a 500 degree oven 'til they are done
-Salt' em
-Eat 'em


Anonymous said...

Oh man. They serve these at Soul Fish. One of my favorites!

helen said...


am thinking tomorrow (no, damn, going to dinner courtesy of bro!!) Wednesday night's tea.....

om nom nom nom