Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Veggie Burger Class Time Change: 6pm

I have a scheduling conflict on Sunday afternoon that I can't resolve. The time for the veggie burger cooking class has been moved. The class is still on Sunday the 26th, but it will now start at 6pm. We should wrap up around 7:30pm or 8:00pm.
I have been working hard on refining my recipes, and I think they are delicious. It should be tons of fun. I hope everyone can still make it.

Veggie Burger Cooking Class
Whole Foods Market
Sunday April 26th


Bianca said...

I will still be there...but I already told ya that. And I fixed it in the online calendar. Susan said it was too late for the paper though. She did manage to get the listing out but it was too late to change again.

Stephanie said...

Will you post the recipes after the class? I can't go at 6:00, but I need a good recipe! All my attempts at veggie burgers have sucked.

Susan G said...

Wow, that burger looks good! I hope you will post your recipe after the class. I would come but I live in NY!

Jennifer@TN Mommy said...


I wont' be able to make your class, but hope you will either post some recipes or a video of your presentation.

Also, I'm looking for a recipe for a delicious vegetarian breakfast burger. Do you have any suggestions?