Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grilled Corn with Mayo, Sriracha, and Cheese

It sounds much more poetic in spanish on the menu at Las Tortugas: Elote con Mayonesa y Cotija. However, it doesn't matter what you call it; I call it one of my all-time favorite things. If you find yourself in Germantown with $4 burning a hole in your pocket and a rumbling in your stomach, then stop by Las Tortugas and give their corn a try. You will be hooked.

The version I make in my own kitchen is a little different. Rather than boil the corn I grill it, I use low-fat mayo, and I use whatever aged cheese I have lying around the house. 

4 ears of fresh corn (cleaned, shucked)
1/4 cup Spectrum low-fat canola mayo.
2 cups finely-grated aged cheese (cotija, asiago, parm)
1 lime quartered
olive oil 
sriracha hot sauce
cilantro for garnish
Brush corn with olive oil, and then grill over  a hot fire until the sugars start to caramelize. This should take about 3-4 minutes per side. Remove the corn from heat, and allow to cool enough to handle. Using your hands spread the mayo lightly over the entire ear of corn. Holding the corn by the stem, sprinkle the grated cheese over it as you turn the corn to ensure the cheese sticks all over. Repeat. Stack the ears on a plate garnish with cilantro, a generous amount of sriracha, and lime wedges. Squeeze the lime wedge over the ear of corn just before you take your first bite. We had this with seitan and black bean enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.


Chris said...

Wow. Now this is grilled corn! I love the charred bits and I'm sure a little touch of sriracha adds great flavor and heat. Spectacular idea!

Leah said...

this looks really really really good.

Stacey Greenberg said...

I love this stuff. Warren makes it all of the time, but he uses the yummy cotija (sp?) cheese.

Bianca said...

I've never thought of putting sriracha on corn! But I kinda love on everything right now so I'll have to give this a go.