Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleepy Shouldn't be in the Kitchen

My sleep-deprived brain imagined it like a gussied-up version of cabbage and dumplings, a wonderful dish my friend Aaron's mom makes. I set out to make spatzle with radicchio, endive, and tarragon topped with baby artichokes. It sounds good. It was terrible. S-O-U-R! I always have a you-can't-win'em-all attitude in the kitchen, but this one broke a week-long winning streak that included some really delicious homemade ravioli.
The cause of my lack of judgement in the kitchen can be traced back a few hours. My band played last night, and I only ended up getting a few hours of sleep. The Wife proposed making a great dessert as a way to redeem myself in the kitchen. She said that she had some key lime juice set aside while she was in the middle of chopping up some nearly stale French bread to freeze. I said, "Ooh, we could make key-lime bread pudding." Proving that my bad judgment was to surely continue, I decided to hang it up for the night. There are three meals tomorrow.
Feeling unsatisfied by dinner I again wandered into the kitchen. Redemption came in the form of a banana split with homemade whipped cream, walnuts, organic chocolate sauce, and a strawberry. Goodnight.

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A said...

You win some and you lose some! I tend to fit in the "you lose some" category very often! :)