Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunchbox: Smoked Almond BLT with Blue Cheese

There are some big, big flavors in this little sandwich. The smoked almonds are a great stand in for bacon in my version of the classic BLT. I"m starting to use smoked almonds in place of the over-processed fake bacon products. They are healthier and more delicious.

This sandwich gets an extra boost with a few crumbles of blue cheese. It is the thing that makes this sandwich a real standout.

10 or so smoked almonds (chopped)
2 slices of seed bread (toasted)
a few slices of tomato
vegan mayo
a few crumbles of good quality blue cheese
I won't bore you with instructions on how to assemble a sandwich, but I do have one quick tip for you. When using tomatoes on a sandwich you are not going to eat immediately, you should first leach some of the moisture out of the tomato so your bread doesn't get soggy. Do this by slicing and salting the tomatoes, allowing them to sit for a few minutes, and toweling them off. This will remove enough of the moisture to prevent soggy sandwich syndrome.


Bianca said...

Great idea! I always loved the toasted sesame seeds that Square Foods used in their BLT, but I bet smoked almonds are tasty too!

Allana said...

Hmmm.....I'm intrigued; smoked almonds, tomatoes, vegan mayo, but hold the cheese. Bet that humble avocado would be heavenly in this sandwich...I'm going to try it :)


Beatrice said...

I have a friend who says that avocado is the vegetarian bacon - I can't wait to try avocado in a sandwich with some smoked almonds...