Monday, April 20, 2009

I got Stripes: Cast Iron Grill Pan

1st I bought myself one, and then (because I liked it so much) I bought one for my friend Wendy for her birthday. What is it? A cast-iron grill pan. I have not been this excited about a kitchen gadget since I got my Cuisineart 14-cup food processor. I can use my new grill pan to put picture-perfect grill marks on everything from tempeh to tofu to panini sandwiches. The best part is that it imparts a smoky flavor onto everything that it touches. The raised areas serve to mark the food with the characteristic lines, but the wells in between the lines catch all the oils and juices and turn them into flavorful smoke. Yes, you will need to turn on your vent-a-hood. You may even need to open your door, but it is worth it.
Lodge Logic Cast-Iron Grill Pan about $20 at Lit

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A said...

Yes!!!! I totally LOVE my cast iron grill!! Makes perfect, smoky, crunchy lines on zucchini and squash too! So glad to see there are other line lovers out there! :)