Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White Asparagus & English Pea Bisque

1st let me apologize for my hiatus. I have been down in Austin, TX photographing the SXSW Festival. It is like rock n' roll summer camp for aging teenagers. So much fun. Thousands of shows are played in every venue. There is music coming from everywhere. It is overwhelming.

So here is a wonderful bisque I made right before I left.

1 bunch of white asparagus (washed, chopped and peeled)
reserve a few tips for garnish
2 cups fresh english peas
1-2 cups of veggie broth (depending on how think you like it)
1/2 white onion (diced)
1 tablespoon butter or truffle butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup of half and half or cream

Melt butter in a soup pot. Add the oil, and saute the onion, peas, and asparagus. Add the broth once the onion is translucent. Allow to cook for 15 or 20 minutes or until everything is tender. Blend until smooth with a wand blender or in a blender in batches. Remove from heat and add the cream. Garnish with a few fresh peas and asparagus tips. Serve with cheese toast to make a delicious meal.

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