Tuesday, March 29, 2016

TCV Visits Little Rock, Arkansas

We've been wanting to visit this wonderful place right outside of Little Rock for such a long time, and we finally made our way there on Easter Sunday. Today, we're still thinking about all of the beautiful gardens, the amazing meal, and the wonderful hospitality we enjoyed at P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm! If you're thinking about your next trip to the South, or wondering where to go for your next quick getaway if it happens that you already live around here, we think fitting in a jaunt to a workshop or tour there would amaze you, too.

We stopped in Little Rock and stayed at the Capital Hotel on Saturday. We arrived in running clothes, which may have raised an eyebrow or two—there was a fancy wedding taking place later that evening and we sort of really didn't match that particular aestheticbut we laughed about it and immediately set out exploring downtown and getting in some miles.

Our first choice for dinner was Three Fold; we had a slightly hazy recognition of it due to a recent article in this magazine, but the guy at the counter reminded us where we'd seen it when we asked him about it. We ordered everything on the menu and went with the vegetarian option for each dish. It was just 3 things, really: the Noodle Bowl, Dumpling Bowl, and Steamed Bun, all with seasoned tofu and seasonal veg, and we loved all of them. We walked back through downtown a couple of times, walked the Junction Bridge, and hung out at the park for a while to take in the sunset.

The next day, we woke up early to drive to one of the places our friends Kyle and Petya recommended from their last Arkansas trip, Mylo Coffee Co. They had mochi doughnuts, gluten-free and made with rice flourhow amazing, chewy, and different! We also tried a cheese croissant, which was like cheese straws times a million. What they're baking at Mylo blew us away with its creativity and playfulness. Their pour-over coffee and cortado were exactly what we needed. After quick stops at a little promenade overlooking a nature trail and then the Capitol, we were ready to get to the countryside and see what was in store for us at Moss Mountain Farm.

Little Rock was so much fun, and there are plenty of vegetarian options in town. It came across as a vibrant and forward-thinking place, and spring was exploding there when we visited. Pretty nice that's it's only a couple of hours from our house in Memphis, Tennessee.

So, let us know in the comments if you're interested in us sharing more about upcoming short trips with you soon! We've been thinking of including more travel stuff on TCV since we've discovered a new love of making plans to get away now. We like the kind of one-night, two-day vacations where you don't have time to put off anything, and we find that it's always good to get recommendations in order to figure out the vegetarian angle ahead of time.


Dana Vickerson said...

Yay Little Rock! I grew up outside of Memphis, but now I live in the Rock. There are tons of great veggie options, although I would have put Three Fold at the top of my list. I write a food column for the Arkansas Times reviewing vegan and vegetarian options in the city. Check out past articles if you're ever in need of some veggie inspiration! http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/EatArkansas/

Bisuzs Coffee said...

That looks like a really nice place that is worth to try out! The menu looks great; would love to try it out with the nice cup of coffee :)