Sunday, April 3, 2016

The First Saturday of the Memphis Farmers Market 2016

It definitely feels more like spring now that market season is here! We set out early-ish this past Saturday to check out the opening day of the Memphis Farmers Market downtown, and though it was pretty cold out, the deals on vegetables were, you know, rather hot. A bunch of stuff besides winter greens is suddenly available now, stuff we thought we could work with this weekend to create an entire dish. We'd settled on making a frittata on Sunday with a little side salad, so we bought kale, eggs, spring onions, beets, carrots, French breakfast radishes, basil, a mix of micro greens, and Camembert. First, we made a pretty radish appetizer we'll share here this week.

It was great to see friends and catch up, to feel everyone's excitement about winter ending and new opportunities to shop for ingredients popping up. It's about time for something new to look forward to, and now we're dreaming of tomatoes and peaches for sure.

We know we'll try to hit the Memphis Botanic Gardens Farmers Market on Wednesday, April 27, its opening day, and stop by the Agricenter market in May. We also love that the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market is year-round on Saturdays, and we'll be sure to report back on it soon this month!

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Libby said...

I love, love a good Farmer's Market. I live in a very small town in Kansas. We have a Farmer's Market but it is so teeny tiny. I love it, though. I love putting money into the dirty hands of a farmer and him handing me a re-used grocery sack full of tiny potatoes or onions, carrots, or a jar of sandhill plum jelly. :)