Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flora Farms Chioggia Beet Salad + Crispy Goat Cheese

Flora Farms chioggia beets peeled and sauteed in olive oil
Micmak Farms yellow tomatoes
Bennett-Burks Farms spring lettuce mix dressed in olive oil, balsamic, and Peace Bee Farms honey
Whitton Farms spring onions
Goat cheese rolled into a ball, frozen, coated in egg & bread crumbs, and fried.

We LOVE the Wednesday farmer's market. Don't overlook it.

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Bianca said...

Love the localness! I like that Wednesday market too but it's soooo far away and so during the work day! I plan to check out the CY market this Saturday. I went to the downtown market last Saturday while the sirens were going off and all the regulars were there. Hardcore.