Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strawberries, Pepper, Vanilla Sugar, and Balsamic Vinegar over Ice Milk

A crazy dessert fits today just perfectly, says The Wife. 

While looking up various panna cotta recipes (coming here soon!), a strawberry-balsamic topping caught my eye. I have wanted to try this for a year or more and jumped right in tonight. We sliced strawberries. (I always get them and forget to use them, why is this?) TCV scooped the vanilla ice milk and put pepper over it. I, the sugar and salt fiend, liberally sprinkled it with Penzey's vanilla sugar. (Why have I not made my own yet?) We got out the 10-year balsamic Paul and Gina gave us and poured it on. And wow. This is unlike anything I have ever tasted before and fulfilled my craving for a soft-ish dessert. I will make this again. (I wonder what it would be like as a milkshake?) 
(Why do I like parenthesis so much right now?) Maybe I am just loopy after hanging out in the Baptist Women's Maternity waiting room with our big extended family all day long. But we are so proud to welcome our new nephew, Graham Odell Burks III, into the world, so it was very worth it. See the three Grahams below! 
We will have to do a baby food post up in here very, very soon because this boy, being a Burks, is likely to love to eat good homemade food -- even if it has to be all mushed up for a while. 


M. Allison Keltner said...

hooray! can't wait to meet the new guy.

the AL-ternative said...

hmmm, what's ice milk??

Anonymous said...

I made a balsamic ice cream a while back that was incredible. I sliced some ripe strawberries over the top, too.


Anonymous said...

wow , ive never tried that combination, but it sounds so good!

Anonymous said...

ice milk is lower in fat and made without cream. it tastes like snow cream if you have ever made that in the winter. i am not sure if i actually had that when i was growing up or if i dreamt that i did. anyway, ice milk is very light.

- Amy

Anonymous said...

That sure is one good lookin' baby! We have a few months before the baby mash begins, but it will definitely be a new culinary adventure. :)