Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cajun Boiled Peanuts in the Slow Cooker

On every road trip to Florida, no question, there were going to be boiled peanuts in a paper bag snagged from a roadside stand. My dad and I were the only ones who liked them, but we liked them enough for everyone. The hand-painted signed would point the way: "Produce" and then "Boiled Peanuts" and finally, "Next Right." We would start to get psyched up. The others? Well, they were crestfallen. 'They smell!' is really the only legitimate complaint they had. I couldn't see a problem with the spicy, earthy, peanut-y aroma, so I choose to tune-out my brothers' protests.

As promised, there was a kind Mississippi farmer just down the way peddling sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, and my beloved snack. After we procured a big brown bag full of warm boiled peanuts, I would climb up front into the much-coveted shotgun seat in our green Ford LTD station wagon. We would pass the bag back and forth while taunting the others: "Are you sure you don't want any? There's plenty to share!" My brothers and my mom just held their noses and shook their heads.

I couldn't understand it; I still don't. People fall squarely in either the love 'em or hate 'em category. I love them for their salty, rich, spicy addictiveness. Each one you open and pop into your mouth makes you hungry for more. They are SO good!

In all these years since, we've never made them at home, and it's a shame it's taken this long because the process is beyond simple. We added Cajun seasoning and bay leaves, but you could just as easily add whatever spices you like. Here goes…

Cajun Boiled Peanuts in the Slow Cooker

3 cups raw peanuts in the shell
1 beer (whatever you have on hand)
1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning* (like Slap Yo' Mama)
2 bay leaves
Water to cover (about 2 cups)

Place peanuts, beer, cajun seasoning, bay leaves, and water to cover in the slow cooker. The peanuts will float at first, but don't worry, they're fine. Cook on high overnight or for about 12 hours. Drain and store in the fridge. Serve in a paper bag, as is road-trip tradition. (Makes 3 cups.)

*Use whatever Cajun seasoning you have on hand; just make sure the broth is as salty as you want the peanuts to be. You may need to add some to taste.


Arthur in the Garden! said...

Great recipe!

Tangi said...

OMG!!! I'm from the south and I am addicted to boiled peanuts. I haven't lived back home in 10 years, so I love this recipe. I can't wait until I try it out.

Bianca said...

Haha! One time a few years ago Wendy & I got some from the peanut shop. I made G2 eat one and he acted like it was the worst thing ever. I guess that's always been the case. :) I love them. Going to try this recipe!

John said...

I always end up picking cajun peanut shells of the floorboards on Southern long road trips. The best parts are trying the various kinds along the way. Never made them myself though, so this would be a first. Luck is surely on my side if cajun is.