Monday, February 15, 2010


Yes, we realize that it is absolutely freezing cold outside. Yes, it's a fact that it's only mid-February, and regrettably, spring still seems imaginary at this point. And, horror of all horrors, we've resorted to using fleece door pillows to block all icy drafts from outside. (Even our dog finds that unacceptable -- she has secretly torn apart two out of three of them.)

But...popsicles are eternal. And we are back to making them with a vengeance. We're cooking up a little plan for relief once the heat rushes back into town and makes itself known through October. Here is a preview of our test flavors:

olive oil honeycomb

strawberry + cherry balsamic

banana + sunflower seed


VA Wine Diva said...

popsicles always sound good to me - I love the creativity of your test flavors and can't wait for you to post more details....

mina said...

actually i'm the type of person who craves ice cream and popsicles when it's snowing. which it is, here in denmark. sounds like wonderful flavours!

Anonymous said...

I am really really really hoping you will post recipes for all those flavors...especially the olive oil honeycomb. It is 85 degrees here in California right now!

Audrey said...


You're awesome. Just awesome.