Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Unboxing and Testing the Eggstractor

We went to a cool new store last time we visited the outlets in Southaven, Mississippi to get our J. Crew Factory fix. It was called Kitchen Collection, and walking through it provides prime entertainment for home cooks. There were quite a few items we'd never even seen before, and now we feel that we need all of them.

We knew we had to try the Eggstractor to make the process for deviled eggs easier. We're not super pleased when our peeled hard-boiled eggs turn out looking like amateur hour due to our usual impatience. The resulting crags and unevenness are annoying, so we hoped this gadget would help. The Eggstractor, which was $2.98 on clearance, actually does peel an egg in seconds as promised! Check out our video above this to see how it went.

A few other items were captivating as well; take the terracotta Brown Sugar Bear, for instance. That's a big problem-solver for dry, clumped sugar and beats our old microwave-a-damp-paper-towel-in-the-brown-sugar-jar solution. (This leaf design is the one that we ended up getting online.) Oh, and this tab can opener is pretty smart. We decided against spending .99 for it and have wished multiple times since that we had that thing handy in the midst of clumsily opening a can of dog food with a butter knife. We got this mini springform pan for the cute factor and to scale down this classic vegan cheesecake for 2.

This post is not sponsored--we're just thrilled to find a new kitchen store! And we are so happy that we're finally getting Sur La Table in the Memphis area later this May. We'll report back on that soon.

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