Monday, January 25, 2016

Logan's Edamame Hummus from People Magazine

We are always so happy for Memphis folks who are making a name for themselves in our city and beyond it. Logan Guleff, the young Memphian who won MasterChef Junior last year, has been steadily cooking and creating ever since his awesome victory.

Last fall, his favorite lunch recipe, Edamame Hummus, was featured in People, so we immediately tore out the page and just had to make it as soon as we had the chance.

Well, now that we've continually used this recipe over and over again -- so much so that we eat it all before we photograph it every time -- it's clear that it's going to be a keeper around here. It's a good high-protein snack that's flavored just right with a little garlic and parsley. We like having it after work with these sea salt almond crackers.

As usual, we can't wait to see what Logan does next! Maybe we'll have something to share with you about that very thing here soon…

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