Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Salsa-Poached Eggs

Poaching eggs in sauce such as tomato sauce or salsa not only saves fat and calories compared to frying, but it also imparts great flavor into the eggs during the cooking process. As a bonus, it couldn't be simpler. We use this method all the time! All you have to do is heat the sauce in a shallow pan and drop the eggs into it. Once the whites are set, they're done. Simple.

This recipe is quick enough to make before school or work, but it's certainly delicious enough for Sunday brunch with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. It makes for a great, quick dinner if you add a side of black beans and rice and a little queso fresco. Once you try it, we're fairly sure you'll make this again and again.

Salsa-Poached Eggs

1 medium jalapeño pepper
2 medium tomatoes (cored)
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon champagne vinegar
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
2 large eggs (or 4 if you're that hungry)
1 large whole-wheat tortilla 
1 medium avocado (peeled, seeded, and sliced)
Sour cream, chives, salt, and pepper (to garnish)

Into the work bowl of your food processor, add the jalapeño, tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, and salt. Pulse until everything is broken down but not liquified. Transfer contents to a 8-inch frying pan and set over medium heat. Once the salsa starts bubbling, crack the eggs into the pan while leaving space between the eggs. 

While the eggs are cooking, cut the tortilla into triangles and place two triangles into the toaster. Reserve the other for another use. Place the toasted tortillas on a plate. Top with sliced avocado. Once the whites in the eggs have set (about 8 minutes), top each avocado with one egg and half of the warm salsa. Garnish with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chives. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Makes two servings.)


voucher restaurant said...

wow it looks so delicious! thanks for this recipe!

JFloColman said...

this is such a cool idea!!

Grace @ FoodFitnessFreshAir said...

I've been doing a ton of eggs poached in sauce this summer with all the garden tomatoes. I love making it super spicy, so I'm into the salsa idea!

The Lost Girl said...

This looks so good! I am definitely going to do this recipe ASAP!