Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grilled Anaheim Chili Peppers with Cotija Cheese

I rediscover the bold flavor of grilled peppers every year. Last year it was shishito peppers, and this year, it's these wonderful and flavorful anaheim chili peppers that my father-in-law is growing. This is the perfect time for a dish like this as so many peppers are coming in from the farm. I'll take some of the surplus chilis outside with me as I roast tomatoes on the grill for a large batch of salsa or while I grill some portobello caps for dinner. I lightly char both sides of the chili, and WOW! That is the taste of summer. They are meaty, smoky, and just a little spicy. It's the perfect little snack while you cook.

To make this dish even better, I added a little hot sauce, cotija cheese, and a few leaves of cilantro. It's so simple and perfect. There is no need for salt and pepper. There's no need for a utensil.  Just pick it up by the stem, dive in, and be thankful for the season.

Grilled Anaheim Chili Peppers with Cotija Cheese

12 small anaheim chilies
hot sauce (I really like Cholula for this)
1 tablespoon finely crumbled cotija cheese
cilantro leaves (to garnish)

Preheat your outdoor grill to high. Grill chilis over a high flame for just a few seconds or until they begin to blister and blacken. Repeat on the other side. Remove chilies from the grill and line them up on a plate. Drizzle the chilies with hot sauce, which will help the cheese to adhere to the chili. Sprinkle the cheese over the top and garnish with a few cilantro leaves.

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tender b. said...

I love the ease of this snack.