Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome, New Visitors!

Thanks for watching us on The Great Food Truck Race on Sunday night. Please have a look around at our 600+ recipes, and join our 1,700+ followers, so that we can start cooking together.
                                             Photo by Margot McNeely


kellypea said...

Wise choice on Lime Truck's food. Looked and sounded tasty. Greetings from San Diego!

zazierainyday said...

Just watched the food truck race down her in central Texas (another place known for awesome bbq *winking face*) and I loved reading your blog. I am a huge meat lover but sometimes I just have to have the simplicity of a good vegetarian dish and I thought you had such a strong grasp of the written word that it all sounded really good! I'm so jealous because they came down to fort worth last season and we didn't hear about it till it aired on the show and we were hacked. Anyways I know this was long so to sum up, loved your blog, you made me hungry, i promise my grilled cheese is better, and peace and love from another foodie! <(-^_^-)>

Momma B said...

Glad to see you on TGFTR! So great that more people will get the chance to hear about your blog!

Anonymous said...

FYI there are several twitter feeds that keep track of the show trucks and report on their location in each city.

This was how people knew to find the trucks in several cities such as Manhattan Kansas plus good old word of mouth.