Sunday, August 2, 2009


The world's best foods are simple and comforting, and that is exactly how I would sum up panelle. A close cousin to falafel, panelle hails from Sicily and is made from garbanzo-bean flour. It looks like tofu, and tastes as creamy as cheese. When I first saw it described on Lidia's Italy, I thought I must be dreaming. It's my fantasy food: low-fat, tasty, creamy, inexpensive, and simple to make. The traditional way to eat these garbanzo flour cakes is simply on a sesame bun. I dolled it up a little with a few slices of tomato, a little vegan mayo, and some rustic bread. I loved it from the first bite. My mind is racing coming up with new ways to use this wonderful concoction.

Find Lidia's recipe HERE.

(The only thing I did differently is to add 1 "Not Chicken" boullion cube to the water for extra flavor.)


Bianca said...

Whoa! I thought that was tofu at first glance. I'll have to check that recipe out. I love garbanzo flour.

Staycie said...

i'm trying this one tonight.