Sunday, June 21, 2009


The power's back on, it is 100 degrees outside, and this means we're all about popsicles around here. We dusted off a little ten-section popsicle mold from way back and ordered two more this week. Now even our daydreams are popsicle-colored.

Flavors so far:
cucumber lemonade + ancho pepper
blueberry + lime
cherry + peach + nectarine
dark chocolate + sweet curry
peach + pink peppercorn
sweet and salty watermelon + lime
raspberry + strawberry + blueberry vanilla lemon
green tea + lemon cream
coconut + banana + clove
watermelon + mint
meyer lemon + red grapes

2 cups yogurt (nonfat, lowfat, Greek yogurt, or even whipping cream is okay)
1 cup fruit pureé
1/2 cup chopped fruit
2/3 cup raw sugar
1 tbsp. honey
squeeze of citrus (optional)
spice (optional)

2 cups pureéd fruit, strained
2/3 cup raw sugar
1/2 cup yogurt (optional)
1 tiny pinch of salt
squeeze of citrus
Mix ingredients and use a funnel to pour into popsicle mold. Using metal or plastic top, place sticks in center and freeze for at least four hours. Run warm water on the outside of mold for a few second to help pops emerge. Freeze immediately for 30 minutes. Then you can eat them or pack them up to share.

I wasn't sure that packing them up would work, but it was fine -- nothing melted at all. We wrapped them individually in waxed paper, stuffed them in a little cooler with ice, and put them in a bigger cooler. They transported well.

TCV's dad suggested trying ginger or jalapeno. We will add those ideas to our list of 100 flavors. Any other ideas?

The popsicle molds we use can be found HERE.


Bianca said...

I've been sooo meaning to run out to Target to look for popsicle molds! I don't even know if they'd have them, but I've been craving homemade popsicles. I must find molds! Thanks for the recipes! I can use soy yogurt for the creamy ones.

Rose said...

YUM! I must find molds too... these look delicious!

Amie Plumley said...

Yea - I finally checked out your recipe and will be making some soon.

Hey - why don't you have tags for your entries. I want to find all your recipes for pizza with ease!