Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time to Vote on Your Favorite New Chubby Vegetarian Cookbook Concept!

Hey, y'all, what should we cook up next? It's time to choose the best idea for our second cookbook, which we're planning on writing in 2014. We would love your help and your opinion, and our publisher is curious to know what our readers think as well. Click the following link to see rough ideas for 3 cookbooks and please be sure to vote for your favorite one this week.



Anonymous said...

Tough decision. I couldn't decide between the busy family dinners and the brown-bag. I finally decided on the family dinners. Good luck!!

J said...

I'd LOVE a cookbook about brownbag lunches! It's so hard to keep lunch exciting. Sometimes I'll bring something and it will be so unappealing that I'll go out anyway. Tasty, filling, easy-to-carry veggie lunches would be a dream!

My father and I both carry our lunches and cook regularly from your cookbook. We love you guys!