Monday, October 5, 2015

New TCV Kitchen Update #2

Thanks so much to Uhlhorn Brothers Construction Co. here in Memphis (see their Insta here) for everything that's happening these days to put our kitchen back together in record time. 
We figured it's time for another update as we head toward the last couple of 
weeks -- some new stuff has been done since Update #1.

Something great happened in the kitchen: the new cabinets were installed! We've never before chosen cabinets for any previous apartment or house and were kinda not so sure what the big deal was about them. Look at us, growing up and adulting -- we understand the cabinet thing a little better now. Guess they frame the whole kitchen and such.

At Stone City, we got to help design the cabinets. A lot of the kitchens in all the pretty pics everywhere right now are white. We went with the trend and chose a plain Shaker style. All of the lower cabinet drawers are going to be really helpful to have.

The drawer and cabinet pulls we were dreaming of were kind of hard to find. Cool Knobs and Pulls came through with better options and better prices than anyone else. Through this reno process, we've been finding out the actual names of things we like, and these are called bar pulls or appliance pulls, oversized and in antique bronze.

We went with the American cherry butcher block countertops that were in stock at Floor & Decor on Summer Avenue here in Memphis. We doubled up on the lengths of butcher block to make the top for the island/bar that'll house the sink and the dishwasher. We're left the tops unfinished and oiled them with Clark's -- the citrus oils they use smell amazing -- and will wax them with stuff from the same company for the next step.

Finish carpenter Josh Wyatt and his crew are amazing. We had cedar barn doors added to the bookcases that frame the fireplace. They also built us a bar/locker with 2 x 4s and chicken wire; that'll be in the next update once it's painted. The counter stools also arrived today.

The vent hood was the repurposed top of our old living room coffee table, ordered from a carpenter on Etsy a few years ago; we had it framed out and mounted to fit the space.

Tomorrow, there'll be lots of paint and wood stain on the rustic wood-wrapped beam, floor molding the same color as the walls, and a pickled ceiling. Maybe a sink and -- coming full circle -- a new dishwasher to replace the horrible broken one that necessitated this whole project in the first place.

So this week is gonna be fun! We may even get to start cooking in here very soon. What do you think should we make first?